No experience oil rig jobs

I have spoken to LOTS of people about how to get a job on an oil rig and there is one comment that comes up all the time that I find quite funny. People often use “Yea but you need to have experience to get a job on an oil rig”.

This reminds me about the joke about “what comes first, the chicken or the egg?” because how does anyone ever get experience if you have to have experience before you can get a job? It doesn’t make any sense.

Here’s the real truth and many people are not going to like it. This excuse plus many others that people make up are nothing more than a lie that they tell themselves because it’s easier admitting to themselves that they are just too lazy to go through the effort!

Think about it… You can walk onto a rig at the entry level position and earn somewhere around $70k for working 6 months of the year. Of course there are going to be challenges trying to get into the oil and gas industry. These are highly sought after positions so they are not going to hire every Tom, Dick and Harry that decides to hand in a resume.

But just because you have to put in a little more effort than creating a pretty resume on Microsoft Word, it doesn’t mean that you should listen to lazy people who make up things like “you need to have experience”. Who would you prefer take advice from? Someone who has actually done it or someone who failed and made up an excuse to justify their laziness?

The truth is, no experience oil rig jobs do exist and 90% of the jobs that you will have to do in the early days on the rig you could teach a monkey to do. Your number one priority when you start on the rig is to watch and learn QUICKLY. The company you work for will know soon enough if you were worth hiring but in the beginning all you need is the ability to follow instructions and a good work ethic.

I had no experience when I got a job on an oil rig so you can too!

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41 Responses to No experience oil rig jobs

  1. Rohit Panwar

    Hello, Sir am from India and i have Done MBA with a specialization in Finance, i want to work in the Rig Desperately but dont have a experience so please guide me as soon as possible how can i get this opportunity to work in rig………..plz Help me im waiting for ur Valuable Guidance….Regards.

  2. kennedy

    Hi I’m Kennedy I’m based in Cape Town South African would love to study the oil and gas industry. Please be do kind and guide me. I wosuld love to follow this career


    hi am Pieter Fivaz well i have no experience but my drem is to work on the oil and gas rigs but i have a resque and a fire fighting and done work for 4years for provalco on petro tank cutting h/p woter work up to 40 000 psi and a first aid level 3 confind spases gas testing background in the mining shell and sapref petrol plants please how can you be of for me please

  4. Surendran

    Sir iam indian.sir iam studys mechanic,rig driller,and safety courses

  5. Aseza

    I am looking fo a jo on a rig gas or oil I hav a Diploma and five years expirience in forestry no expirience or qualification in the oil industry can someone advise on how i go about it

  6. Glenn

    Highly interested in working on the rigs I don’t have experience but I’m willing to learn how do I go about it?

  7. Narendra Jotkar

    Dear Sir
    i am from india i want to work on oil filed but i dont have exprience but i can do any heard work
    please help me

  8. anthony agyeman bediako

    hi am anthony well i have no experience but my drem is to work on the oil and gas rigs but i have a rescure and a firee fighting background in the avaition industry for 9years please how can you be of help please,help me.

  9. Boitumelo

    Am from South Africa so would I be able to apply at oil-rig at UK? And I hv done accounting so would thy be able to help me as am a female,and as iv told u am frm South Africa cn thy help me to get to UK??

  10. jiby

    sir,im from India.i have completed my graduate degree in electronics and instrumentation engineering.and i have almost one year oil refinery experience a non African citizen how can i get a rig job there? hope u give me the right directions.

  11. daniel

    i am a fire equipment service man but i really want a job as a oil or gas rig the problem is i dont have experience. any help ?

  12. Rob

    Hi Matt,

    I am looking toward H&S as a career change on off shore rigs. I have no experience.. but have an BSc. ME and plenty of open water (sailing/diving experience. I am in Cyprus.. and the industry is about to open here… how would I go about finding a job and getting into this field?

  13. james duncan

    im looking to work on an oil rig. i have no experience but am a hard worker, fast learner. i can do carpentry, tiling, electrical, plumbing and more.

  14. Jacques Albert

    Hi Sir/Ma’am

    I am a 19 Year Old White Male with no experience at all, I did Apply and had good reply instantly! However, why do I have to pay R965.00 before I can Start that’s my only worry, I want to start ASAP, but I don’t have that amount on me at the current moment. Does this mean my dream is over

    • Matt C.

      DON’T PAY THE MONEY!!!!!!! Anyone requesting payment for you to get started on the rigs is running a scam! That is not a real job offer, sorry to disappoint.

  15. finny collin

    Hi Matt,

    I am a self employed rigger with 13 years and have employed 20 employess over the same period and thought them the skills of rigging. I have been knocking on the doors of so many companies and i get the same reply,
    you have no experience sorry…………


  16. chezlyn

    hi matt just wanna say thanks after reading all the comments its amazing. but i wanted to know i have no certification but have done lots of mechanical work manufacturing bus body parts and assembling them i also worked in the motor vehicle industry as a technician carrying out maintance repairs to vehicles, what do i do cause i just want to start out as a roustabout but dont have any of the certification you speak of. chez

  17. Randolph Mitchell

    I would realy like to work on an oil rig but have no experience. I worked as a supervisor in a cold store for more than 10 years.

    • Matt C.

      Hi Randolph, I know how you feel, my background was working in totally unrelated industries such as hospitality and sales. The only relevant thing I had was a first aid certificate. What most people don’t think about is that everybody starts with no experience. Needing experience to get started in an industry is a myth. If you think about it, it doesn’t make any sense at all. How do you get experience before first getting a job? Don’t let that hold you back! The best place to start is with my FREE tips. Good luck!

  18. gift

    hie guys, well ive always been looking for this kind of industry but need guidance from proffetionals who are in the game, is there any were in UK were i can register to train in the oil n gas industry. please advice. Thank you

    • Matt C.

      There are actually quite a few training centres in the UK. The UK is pretty much the European hub for the industry when it comes to that type of thing. First you need to figure out whether you want to go onshore or offshore. If you are going onshore you don’t really need to worry about the training centres. It’s when you go offshore that you need things like a HUET ticket. As part of the member’s area my members have access to a full list of industry approved training centres to save time searching for them. Hope that helps.

  19. Rodger

    hay matt, after 14years in the dairy industry a career change is needed, and working on the oil rigs has a taken my fancy an very interested and willing to start asap if given the chance. am mechanically minded and a variety of nzqa certificates in permit issueing and receiving ,working at heights, hazard i.d, chemical handling ect ect. am from new Zealand and keen as. but don’t know where to start and I have no oil rig experience what so ever

    • Matt C.

      Hi Rodger, in just the few things you mentioned there you are more qualified than I was when I got started. The extent of my “mechanical” knowledge was that if I turned the key in my car and it didn’t start… The car was stuffed! lol Start with the free tips that I have suggested in this post and get back to me after that once you have exausted all the resources that I talk about. There’s a good chance most of your questions will be answered there. Good luck

  20. Thabiso

    Hi,i like to be on rig but the thing is,i don’t have any idea about this industry.What are the chanses of getting a job or atleast Learnership.

    • Matt C.

      I wouldn’t be too worried if I were you… I didn’t even know what a rig looked like when I started. 95% of what you need to know will come from on the job training.

  21. Jax

    What would you put on the application/resume if you don’t have any experience? I’ve been a bartender/server for 10 years. I’ve got some landscaping and construction experience, but it’s from working for friends under the table at their job sites when they needed extra help.

    • Matt

      You have pretty much the exact same experience I had before starting. Maybe I should dig up my old resume lol. Just look for skill that you have that are relevant such as leadership skills from running a team, experience working long hours, experience in physically demanding positions etc. Working for friends is the best, you may even be able to fudge the dates a little if your friend knows they are going to get a call for a reference check… But you didn’t hear the tip from me lol.

  22. Harry

    Is it possible to get this entry level jobs with companies outside your country?

    • Matt

      Yes, there are oil rigs in many countries around the world.

  23. Devan Adams

    Hi I’m devan I would like to work on the oilrigs I don’t have expierence but I’m willing to learn I’m from South Africa Capetown let me know if there is any vacancies thanx

  24. Cuong

    I have tried and tried for months. All i need is one interview. What am i doing wrong?

    • Matt C.

      Hi Cuong, that’s a tough one to answer without knowing the specifics of what you have been doing, there could be a million answers to that question!

  25. Cuong

    Hi Matt. I’m a former Marine looking for a career in the oil and gas industry. I wanna be where you are. Please help me get my foot in the door. I have no experience in the oil rig industry. Is it possible for me to get in. Please email me response.

    • Matt

      Hi Cuong, you would have plenty of skills from your time as a Marine that would help you on the rigs! If you use the Free tips that I mentioned in my comment below to Daniel they will teach you how to find companies in the industry. The next step is to learn how to sell yourself over the phone and “get past the gate keeper” which you can learn about by Googling “Chet Holmes”. Good luck!

  26. Daniel

    How did you apply for this job ,so keen to start ?

    • Matt

      Hi Daniel, if you check out my FREE Tips I will walk you through the process of how to find companies in the industry where you can apply directly.

    • Devan Adams

      I’m looking for a job on oilrigs I’m from South Africa Capetown idont have experience but I’m willing to learn I was before on sea was doing inports and exports I will like to hear from u soon thanx

  27. Gautam

    what did you get hired as when you first got a job on the rig? Are entry-level jobs available for Health and Safety professionals without any experience? Thanks in advance.

    • Matt

      I got hired as the entry level position which is known as a leasehand (rousterbout in North America). You can do health and safety without experience in the industry but you obviously need to have all the right qualifications.

      • Chris Luke

        i have no experience, i got to get in the oil field, please somebody help me


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