How to get a job in the oil industry

The very first thing that you need to do if you want to get a job in the oil industry is to know how to find the entry level positions that you are after. I have created a series of videos to explain exactly how to do that so if you haven’t already checked out my oil rig job FREE tips go do that now.

Next you need to do is make yourself more employable. I am going to assume that you don’t have any previous rig experience to put on your resume so you need to look at the experience that you do have and ask yourself what would be relevant.

If you have any experience working with diesel engines, hydraulics or even just labour intensive work will all be transferable skills. If you are like I was and don’t have any of these sorts of skills you can still show that you are employable but it just requires a little more thinking outside the box. In my case I was able to say that I had experience overseeing jobs or projects and been in charge of running a team. Although this was not done on a rig, the ability to manage a team is certainly a valuable skill. People underestimate skills such as these but in the higher ranks, someone who can effectively manage a team will be more valuable than someone who is well equipped to do the job themselves but doesn’t know how to communicate the task to junior ranks.

Once you have identified your skills you need to switch from hard working labourer to salesman. The product you are selling is yourself. If you hate sales or think you’re not a salesman then suck it up and get over it. These are highly sought after positions that you are looking for here and if you think you are going to get a job without selling yourself more than other applicants you are kidding yourself! I don’t mean to come across as rude but I made this site to help people get into the oil and gas industry, not to make friends. Your experience and qualifications mean nothing if you don’t know how to effectively promote yourself.

Selling yourself starts with a professional resume but this is just the beginning. The important thing to remember is that a resume is just a tool to assist you in your promotion, you need to be the driving force if you are going to get the job done. If you have the ability to visit company offices in person then that is the ideal situation otherwise a telephone is going to be your weapon of choice.

I can’t tell you how many people I have told this to only to have them complain about it that it didn’t work. If you think you are going to be gifted the job just because you know how to pick up a phone and dial a number you are in for another big shock. Speaking with confidence, overcoming objections and knowing how to get past the receptionist to the HR manager are all skills that you are going to have to master just enough to be better than your competition. The biggest mistake that people make when calling companies is that they get the list of numbers and call one after the other without stopping to evaluate their approach.

Here’s a tip that will give you a massive advantage… There is a 99.9% chance that the person who answers the phone is not going to want to talk to you, they have probably been instructed to get you off he phone without passing you onto the HR manager and they probably won’t want to take the time to help you get the answers you want. Having this knowledge is a huge advantage because you already know what they are going to say and what their attitude is going to be where as they have absolutely no idea why you are calling and what you are going to say.

Before making your calls, write out a list of the possible things that the person could say and what you could do to overcome each objection. Plan for the fact that they will be rude and grumpy, then think of ways to turn that around in the first 10 seconds of the call. Anything better than rude and grumpy is just a bonus. Don’t call everyone on your list without re-evaluating your approach. Learn from each call so by the time you make your tenth or twentieth call that you know exactly what to expect and how to deal with it.

Lastly it is just a case of getting through the interview. If you did a good job with the calls then this part should be easy. In my interview the HR manager never looked at my resume, didn’t call any of my references and we didn’t even talk about my previous experience. We just had a good chat and 45 minutes later I walked out the door as their newest employee.

To sum things up, if you want to get a job on an oil rig or any job that pays good wages, you are going to need more than experience or qualifications. You just need to know how to sell yourself better than anyone else. Selling is a valuable skill no matter what profession you choose to pursue. If you hate selling then you will either need to settle for a job that nobody else wants with crappy wages or get over it and put some effort into learning a few skills just long enough to get the job you want. Then after that you will be free to never sell yourself ever again, unless of course you are a single male hoping to convince a beautiful young lady that you are Mr. Perfect and that your feet smell like roses.

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  1. Devan

    Hey ive been applying and applying but nothing. What can I do to better sell companies on hiring me?

  2. K.O.

    Just out of curiosity, what techniques or strategies did you use or find effective to get past the gatekeepers answering the phone or at the front desk? I’ve had mixed results so far but haven’t landed an interview yet.

    • Matt

      I cover this topic in more detail inside my member’s area but basically I used similar techniques that sales people are taught to make cold calls. Try Googling “Chet Holmes How To Get Past The Gate Keeper” because he teaches some great methods to help you do it.

  3. Gautam

    Thanks mate that was a wonderful tip.

    • Matt

      Happy to help!


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